Chronology of Events in Lydia’s Life 1894 born Sept. 5 in Asnieres, France - the 8th of 10 children c. 1902 mother died – Lydia eight years old 1905 brothers Victor & Arthur emigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada c. 1905-1906 Lydia & sisters sent to boarding school in Seaford, England 1907 brothers Albert & Stanley emigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada 1909-1913 Lydia completed grade 12, a business course in London, England and  worked in civil service one year 1913  April, emigrated with her father and sisters: Florence, Hilda & Elsie, to Saskatchewan, Canada 1913-1914 worked keeping house in Strassburg to raise money for schooling 1914 in Saskatoon, completed requirements for grade 12 in Canada and began Normal School for teacher training. 1915 July, brother Arthur, a candidate for the ministry, died overseas serving in WW I c. 1916–1917 brother Bert killed in action, brother Stanley wounded 1915-1923 taught in one-room schoolhouses primarily among “New Canadians” 1918 completed First Class Teaching Certificate 1919 her father, Charles Gruchy, came to live with her 1920 earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan earned the Governor General’s Gold Medal for academic excellence and leadership 1920-1923 theological studies at Presbyterian College, Saskatoon (later St. Andrew’s College), graduating in 1923 1923 Synod of the Presbyterian Church refused a request for her ordination 1923-1927 Lay Missionary for the Home Mission Board to Veregin, SK among the Doukhobor people 1925 The United Church of Canada was formed by amalgamation of the Methodist Church, 2/3 of the Presbyterian Churches, and Congregationalist Churches – Lydia became United Church 1926 Kamsack Presbytery and Saskatchewan Conference, with the support of St. Andrew’s College petitioned the United Church for Lydia’s ordination - referred for study 1927-1931 Lay Missionary to Wakaw, SK 1928 General Council of United Church again debates the Ordination of Women - no action taken 1929 purchased first automobile – used Model A Ford 1931-1932 on Sabbatical in Long Beach, California with her father, visiting brother Stanley and family 1932-1936 Lay Missionary to Kelvington, SK c. 1935 her father, Charles Gruchy, died, buried at Kelvington 1934 General Council of United Church debates Ordination of Women and calls for a Remit/Vote of the Presbyteries on the question - the resulting vote is affirmative 1936-1938 appointed as Assistant to the Minister at St. Andrew’s United Church, Moose Jaw, SK 1936 General Council meeting of the United Church votes to affirm the results of the remit - Ordination for women is approved 1936 Nov. 4th - Lydia Gruchy became first woman ordained at St. Andrew’s United Church, Moose Jaw, SK 1938-1943 secretary for the Committee on Deaconess Order and Women Workers, Toronto, ON 1943 nephew, Charles Gruchy, killed in action overseas serving in WW II 1943-1948 Minister at Naicam, SK 1948-1952 Minister at Simpson, SK 1952-1957 Minister at Cupar, SK 1953 granted a Doctor of Divinity Degree by St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon 1957-1962 Minister at Neville-Vanguard, SK– purchased a new red Corvair car 1959 sister, Florence Gruchy, retired as a Nursing Missionary to India and came to live with her 1962 retired from ministry – the sisters moved to White Rock, BC 1969 sister Florence died, sisters Elsie and later Hilda live with Lydia through following years 1984 The United Church celebrated her 90th Birthday 1986 The United Church celebrated the fiftieth Anniversary of the Ordination of Women 1992, April 9, died in White Rock, BC, at the age of 97 1994 St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon dedicated a Commemorative Plaque in her honour 1996 The United Church celebrated the sixtieth Anniversary of the Ordination of women- St. Andrew’s College established the Lydia Gruchy Chair of Pastoral Theology
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